Atec drinking water treatement

Drinking water treatment for different applications

Across the globe and regionally the characteristics of ground and surface water vary significantly. Geological and climatic factors are as important as manmade pollution of water sources. There are a lot of possible contaminants for drinking water, the most important are:

  • Bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites
  • Turbidity and suspended solids
  • Smell and taste
  • Color
  • Iron, manganese and/or heavy metals
  • High content of calcium and magnesium (“hard water”)
  • Nitrate excess
  • High chlorine content caused by public water supplier

Atec offers a variety of technologies for drinking water treatment, both for the direct treatment of raw ground or surface water (from rivers or lakes) and for the secondary purification of water from the public drinking water grid.


Methods for drinking water treatment

Globally more and more drinking water is produced from superficial water sources (“surface water”), like rivers and lakes. Traditionally these surface waters contain much more suspended solids and germs than ground water. This is why the importance of ultrafiltration for drinking water treatment will rise constantly during the next years. Especially ultrafiltration with submerged ceramic membranes provides certain advantages compared to the traditional methods like sedimentation and filtration by sand filters. Ultrafiltration membranes allow for a save removal of all turbidity, bacteria and virus. This means they provide a “mechanical disinfection” of the water. For a quick and easy installation, these membranes can be used in our containerized drinking water treatment plants.

Advantages of drinking water treatment with submerged ceramic membranes

  • Reliable elimination of bacteria and virus
  • Small footprint
  • High yield / recovery rate (good ratio of obtained permeate to produced backwash waste water)
  • Very long lifetime of the membranes

Depending on the raw water quality and the requirements for the drinking water, it may be necessary to implement a pretreatment before the membrane filtration and/or a post-treatment after the membranes. Atec offers all common treatment methods in combination with ultrafiltration:

  • Precipitation / flocculation / electrocoagulation
  • Disinfection (UV / chlorine dioxide / ozone)
  • Removal of arsenic and heavy metals
  • Boron removal
  • Activated carbon filtration for removal of color, odor and bad taste
  • Softening and desalination
  • Nitrate removal
  • Removal of iron and manganese

Drinking water for food and beverage industry

In food processing (e.g. dairy industry) there are very high demands regarding the quality of the used drinking water. Both process water (e.g. for cleaning of the machines) and the water which is used for producing the comestibles have to comply with high quality standards.

Atec treatment plants allow for a production of food, beverages and dairy products according to the highest hygienic standards by providing optimum water quality.