Membrane filtration systems for water treatment

For more than 25 years, Atec works in the field of design and manufacturing of water treatment systems. Both in process water and waste water treatment for industrial applications and in drinking water treatment filtration is our core competency. In membrane filtration we cover the fields of micro, ultra and nanofiltration with our distinct filtration systems.

Our very energy saving filtrations systems allow you to reduce operating and waste disposal costs in your industrial production process through recycling of process baths and fluids. The reuse of the cleaned fluid leads to savings on water consumption, waste water, chemical and energy consumption ans saves the environment.

Applications of membrane filtration

Filtration systems by Atec are used many different applications and for filtering different kind of media. Despite this versatility of our technology there are certain standard applications in which Atec filtration systems are applied very often and successfully:

Services / Consulting / Surveys

  • Consulting and process engineering
  • Surveys and expert opinions regarding industrial process and waste water treatment and reuse of treated water in the industrial process.

As a specialist for plant engineering and tailor made solutions, we will be happy to advise and guide you in your individual application.

Automation of water treatment systems

Ever since the foundation of the company, Atec has been a provider of industrial automation solutions for well-known customers in different industrial fields. This experience is combined with the profound knowledge about process engineering, which we gained from our own filtration systems manufacturing. This makes Atec a very experienced and competent provider for automation solutions for the following applications:

  • Filtration systems / membrane filtration units
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Small water treatment systems
  • Prototypes and lab-scale units

Full service provider for customized automation solutions

Atec provides the complete range of services for the automation of industrial systems and plant. From the development of a control philosophy, the manufacturing of the control panel and the software programming, to the cabling and commissioning, we offer our customers the full spectrum solutions for industrial automation:

  • Design of electrical / wiring diagrams
  • Manufacturing of control panels for individual machines
  • Manufacturing of control panels for small product series
  • Development of a control philosophy in cooperation with the customer
  • Software programming
  • Visualization of HMI
  • Electrical installation and cabling
  • Electrical machine tests according to VDE regulations
  • Commissioning


1906, 2020

Atec is awarded the seal “Innovative through Research”

Ever since the foundation of the company more than 25 years ago, constant innovation has been part of strategy of our company. Research and development are the basics for ever improving and new systems and processes in the fields of memrane filtration and water treatment. In addition to internal [...]

2512, 2019

Research project HyprStep

Joint project for the development of functionally coated filter textiles and membranes Research topic: Development of novel hybrid process based on graphene modified smart textile filters and polymer membranes for advanced wastewater treatment. Project period: 01.10.2019 - 30.09.2022 Project partners: Institut Hohenstein Atec Neu-Ulm Norafin PolymemTech Warsaw [...]

602, 2019

Atec delivers pilot units for well-known European brewery

Pilot units for membrane filtration of process and cleaning water Saving fresh water and reducing the amount of produced waste water becomes more and more important in all fields of industrial production. Especially industries with a traditionally high water consumption, such as food and beverage industry, see the huge potential [...]

2609, 2018

Heavy metal removal from flue-gas scrubber wastewater

Wastewater from exhaust gas treatment in coal power stations Flue-gas or exhaust gas desulfurization systems ("scrubber systems") creat a constant stream of wastewater with high content of suspended solids, salts and heavy metals. Strict limits for heavy metals for wastewater discharge challenge coal power stations increasingly. This applies to both [...]