Pilot units for membrane filtration of process and cleaning water

Saving fresh water and reducing the amount of produced waste water becomes more and more important in all fields of industrial production. Especially industries with a traditionally high water consumption, such as food and beverage industry, see the huge potential of water saving technology. Both financial and ecological benefits are important for the customers: cost savings, environmental protection and protection of water ressources.

A well-known European brewery ordered Atec to build two pilot units for testing of different filtration membranes:

  • One combined unit for testing of micro, ultra and nanofiltration membranes at adjustable operating pressures, based on the Atec Miditube cross flow filtration system
  • One high pressure reverse osmosis unit for operating pressure up to 120 bar

The units can be used independently one from another or combined for the treatment of different process water and cleaning solutions. Based on the results gathered from these test, the technology selection and dimensioning of future industrial applications can be made. Both European locations as well as locations in regions with water scarcity will benefit from this.